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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Scouter!

Sorry it's been so long since a posting. Life is very busy right now. As you can see Jaysen had scout camp, last week. He loved it. He was gone all week and came home and said he wished he could have stayed another week! (Glad he had fun, but is home that boring? Ha ha) I've also spent the last two weeks getting every ones teeth fixed for back to school and back to school shopping for six kids. I have it down to a science. I have a chart I made and printed out for each kid. We go through each child's clothes weed out what's too small, stained or in disrepair, and mark what they have left on the chart. I then can easily see on the chart what each child still needs. We go shopping armed with a solid list. But that is all done, whew! Now we are gearing up for Trek! What is that you ask? We are going on a 4 day pioneer reenactment of a hand cart pull. It's actually a youth activity, so Austin and Jaysen are going. But Les and I are going as a Ma & Pa. We will be over about 10 kids. We leave tomorrow! We are really excited. I'll tell ya all about it when we get back.

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