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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Color coded kids

I've been busy painting the main living area of my house yellow, which I think I officially finished. But I still have to get curtains and things back on the wall. So no pictures yet. So I decided to blog about how I attempt to organize my kids. Six kids can be hard to keep track of, but six kids "stuff" can be harder to keep track of. So all my kids have a color. Then I try to buy things in their color. Then they and I know who's what is laying around.
This work chart is color coded , tooth brushes, towels, bathroom scrubbies, you name it! My husband and I have even tried to theme Easter baskets around their colors. It works great. Most of my younger kids took on their color as their favorite color. (Probably cause everything they owned was that color. just kidding)
Also a side note, Jaysen tried out and made it into the Show Choir at his Jr. High. Awesome! Austin tried out for the High School musical, and made a supporting lead role. Most leads are Juniors or Seniors. Austin is so talented.

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Geoffrey and Ellee Pettit said...

awesomeness!!!!! You need to write a book with all of your organization skills....I'll be the first to buy it! I sure do miss you