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Friday, September 18, 2009

More Kitchen up dates!

So I finally finished painting the Kitchen and main living area upstairs. (Show you more on the rest of the house later.) I also finished the curtains for the sliding glass door in the Kitchen. A few months ago I came across some in expensive fabric at Walmart. The colors were perfect for the kitchen and living room. So what was I to do? Buy it right? $13 in total! I also bought some heavy lining cause it gets cold on winter mornings at the table. Add $5for lining. Now I just need something to hang them on! I bought a rod a Walmart but it just looked to wimpy. So I remembered I had bought these damaged finials at Lowe's over a year ago. A little paint and I was in business. I went to Lowe's and bought a wooden rod for $16.99, and it matched perfectly. Bought rings with a discount coupon, $16. I love doing things for less!!

I love the chunky rod and big wooded rings.

I made them floor to ceiling. I think it looks better. Now the neighbors can't see what we are doing all night!

Second kitchen project was so easy. I happened to have six recessed lights in the kitchen. Two are over my island. I wanted pendant lights over the island. The Lowe's fairy came down and granted my wish. I went from this.

To this! Love it! They have a kit to convert can lights to pendant lights. Then you pick your shade. All you do is screw the conversion part in like a light bulb.

It cost about $17 a piece. What do ya think?

Show ya the rest of my painted kitchen later.


Let it Shine said...

Love the chunky rods and finials!

Moore Minutes said...

Great idea to hang your curtains higher! Love the hardware you chose too.

joy said...

Looks great! makes me want to do some decorating.