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Friday, September 4, 2009

Random stuff

(New how to for scooter stand in this post.)

We always get a big pile up of bikes and scooters in the garage, 
mostly because the scooters can't stand up or be parked. 
So the kids drop them on the ground, which leaves no room for the bikes,
 which then just get added to the pile.
 So my handy husband created the scooter stand!

Hold your applause.

 He is so smart!
 It can hold up to five scooters. 
Don't cha just love how organized it it?

This morning Branden was eating his muffin, and had a piece in each hand.
 I over heard him pretending the two pieces were having a conversation. 
It was so cute I have to share. 
It was something like this.
 "Hey do you want to be friends?" 
"Yes, lets be friends till the end."
 "This is the end."
 And he popped the muffin pieces in his mouth!
 To funny. 

Well 6 kids and a hectic life can make you feel older than you are. 
Just check out Les and I before bed. 
We really age!

Just kidding we were just playing around with some masks.
 Great fun!
 Weird to see yourself so old! LOL


House of Smiths said...

LOL LOL... k, ew. That mask is NOT SO CUTE On you. LOL. No offense... I think you'll be WAY hotter then that, when you get old... no doubt.

Moore Minutes said...

We need that scooter stand! Great idea. I just found your blog and am LOVING it!! I'm a new follower too. :) You have so many great ideas.

Rhonda said...

I love the scooter stand...seriously genius!

Meggan Hansen said...

The scooter stand is great!!! I may be hitting up my hubby :)

Dana P said...

I would LOVE the dimensions/directions to the scooter stand! This is an awesome idea! Thanks!

The Lenehan Family said...

Please share the how to on the scooter stand!! We need one!

Dana said...

I LOVE the scooter rack...can your hubby give me a quick tutorial?? Your blog is fantastic...thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

Love the scooter stand idea. Do you have dimensions for it? Thanks for all your great ideas.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a tutorial or some instructions for the scooter stand. BRILLIANT!

The Morgan Clan said...

Saw your scooter stand on Pinterest. We made one this weekend. Thank you so much for coming up with a brilliant idea to store those Razor scooters!