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Thursday, October 22, 2009


What a great family home evening!  Quinton wants to wear a "real" tie but doesn't know how to tie one.  And every Sunday Dad is already gone to meetings when Quinton gets ready.  So when Quinton had the lesson this week, he decided to have Dad teach everyone how to tie a tie.  It was quite fun. 
When the big kids were small, we use to turn on music and watch them dance.  Often we would video them.  Daddy was in charge of the activity and he decided to have a blast from the past and video them dancing.  It was so much fun.  Only now Austin and Jaysen are big enough and strong enough to do very advanced moves.  They were mostly doing swing dance.  Austin even threw me around in some swing moves.  I wish I had got a few pics of us dance, but it will be a great family video.

Last night Jaysen had his first Pizzaz Concert.  They sounded really good.  I can't believe he is in Jr. High.

I love this picture, that's my nephew Jarrett in the back row.  The tall skinny mountain in the middle of the back row. I just love how he stands out, or should I say up!

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