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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

So I wanted a round or oval mirror for above my fireplace, to break up all the squareness.  I have windows on either side of the fireplace.  Anyways I didn't have $50 plus to spend on one.  So what to do?  I happened upon this mirror at DI for $7.  Someone had put plaster on it an added all those marbles.  (They must have lost their marbles, the picture looks much better than the real thing did.) First I went for the easy fix and spray painted it black.  Didn't help much. 

Then I found I could just pop the plaster and marbles off with a screw driver and hammer.  So a few hours latter (hey labor is free right?) I found a gold frame in not to bad of condition.

I added a black glaze, and was pleasantly surprised.

Not bad for $7.  Some day I hope to make a new wood frame about 4-6" wide.  Until then I need something bigger on either side of the mirror.  Work in progress!

Mirror number two.  I thought this lovely gold mirror didn't go with my yellow walls.  So I decied to paint it.  Great idea, right?

I taped off some stripes to stay gold, and I was so excited. 

Afterwards I was sick, I had ruined my mirror.  All the raised design did not show at all any more.  At least it was only a $25 dollar mirror from DI.  But then inspration hit.  I took some gold craft paint and dry brushed the frame.  Frame saved.  The picture below shows no paint across the top and gold paint down the side.

This is not it's permant home, but not to bad.  So there are the stories of my mirrors.  Just in case you think everything everyone in blog land does works perfect, I have just proved that wrong.  But most mistakes can be remedied.


Jeff and Alyssa Hertzler said...

Holy bananas Batman! What will you think of next?! Awesome!!!

somedaycrafts said...

Thank you for doing away with those marbles! The world is much better off without them and that frame looks very nice! The second mirror looks amazing brushed with the gold paint! yeah for mirrors! (I apologize for not becoming a follower before now. I have actually been to your blog quite a few times since I have featured you last! And I saw a picture of you dumpster diving for a door. Nice!!! My kind of girl!!!)