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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My free table!

Do you remeber this free table I picked up off the side of the road?  Well I finally finished it.  So this is the befores.  I acutually liked it a little bit this way, but it's not the look I was going for.  I wanted a table in my entry way.  The top was messed up plywood. so I took that off.  Then I cut it down.  Yes, I did that all by my self, I used a skill saw and all.  My plan to put it back together didn't go as smooth as I had hoped.  Hubby to the rescue!  He put it back together and of course it was beautiful and very sturdy.  I had to replace one side apron piece, but I used an old piece of wood we had. (Free)  Then I bought a new piece of wood for the top.  $10.  Looking good. Then it took about 3 cans of red spray paint, which cost less than $6.  Then I put a black glaze on it. (First time useing glaze ) So I have a new table for less than $20!!!
And this is the finished project.  Love it.  I think I'm going to stain the basket below it darker, and hang this old window frame above it.  But wanted to blog it.  Beside then you might think my house was perfect, Ha Ha.  In blog land every body's house and lilfe can seem so fun and perfect.  Reality check!  My house is a slow work in progress.  But I've learned in live to enjoy the ride or the process.  Even in our trials, or you will miss little precious moments.


Becky said...

I love free!

Great table. You made it perfect for the space.

Hey we copied your microwave thing and raised our cupboards too. I've been canning all week and have loved the extra room above my big canning pot that I didn't have before. It makes a huge difference!

Chris said...

Are you kidding me? This is spectacular! Thank you SO much for sharing this. What a great transformation!

Jessica Draper said...

It turned out great!! Well done! I wouldn't have the skills or tools to transform a table into what you did.

Hendricksonblog said...

I dont know who you are but I think you are awesome. I love organized and you definitely are that. I looked here from Becky and love the stuff you have done with your kids rooms, okay all of your rooms right down to the drawers.

Jenn Toon said...

Love it! How funny that I find you!! Shelley (your neighbor, I think) is sisters with a gal I have done a show and sung in a choir with. She linked me to her site which then I kept seeing you "pop" up. You look great and your kiddos have grown up!! Hope you are well!!