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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can you say GREAT DEALS?

My mother and sister and I were out for a day of shopping.  And it was shopping with a purpose. That purpose being to buy items needed to finish my mom's bathroom.  So we hit the used stores first.  What should we find at D.I.?  A outdoor table that seats 8.  Just what I needed for my patio.  All my family can fit at it!  And the best part is it was only $25.  Yes I said $25.  Next we went to the Salvation Army Store.   And we saw a chair I liked.  I thought it might work in my family room.  It was only $35 plus 25%.  Then this guy Randall who worked their informed us that there was another one in the back.  We asked for a deal if we took both.  $50 for both he said.  We'll take them.  Then he said how about $48.  Then when we got to the register, he said $40 for both.  That's $20 a piece!!!!  I love them!  I sat in them half the day.!  Who says you have to pay full price?  We had to go home and get a truck and make two trips to take my stuff home before we even started shopping for my mom!


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Lucky- I love the chairs and the price, wow!

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Great finds! I'm all about the hunt and the great deal! The chairs are perfect.

Kathy said...

THe chairs are GREEAT!!! I love those friendly faces at thrift stores that haggle themselves down for you:)A table to fit everyoen is ALWAYS a great find--good job!!