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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Costumes!

So we usually go all out for Halloween costumes.  But this year I didn't make a single costume!  But they still looked great!

Ashlee barrowed this awesome kimono from Nana.  Her mother actually made it for her to wear when she was young.  I even wore it when I was young.  It still looks great.  People asked her if it was really from Japan.

Emilee wanted to be a cheerleader.  And she just happened to have this cheer outfit in her play clothes.  Someone gave it to us once.  Why make a new one?  She looks so cute!

Quinton decided to be a gorilla.  Austin was this about four years ago, so we already had everything.  I painted his face, neck, and ears black with makeup.  I then cut some fake fur and glued it to his face with corn syrup, and sprayed it and his hair with black hair spray stuff.  Too bad these pictures didn't turn out  good.  He looked better in person.  He loved it.  He said it was the best costume he ever had.

Jaysen is so into stage make-up this was his night.  He made His friend into Edward Scissors Hands.  He did the make-up and created the costume including the gloves.  Then he made a bloody hole in his own face.  The picture doesn't show the 3-D details of the side of his cheek.  He actually made a latex mold, that looked like his skin was pulled back.

And I saved the cutest for the last.  Branden chose to be Captin Hook!  But once again I already had this costume.  I made it for Austin, added to it for Jaysen and Quinton.  But when it's so cute you've got to get mileage out of it.  I love the knickers. 

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