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Monday, November 2, 2009

Teen Halloween Party!

Sounds exciting teens and a party!  I could go wild with great ideas for decorations and things to do!  But I said "teen" party.  Teens want to do everything their way.  Mom's ideas are "LAME".  So the only thing I did was enlist two helpers, Ashlee and Branden, and make scary deviled eggs that I saw on some ones blog.  I don't know who and can't find it now.  I had lots of eggs and they looked cute. 

I thought they turned out great. 

Austin started out mostly with just girls at his Halloween shin dig.  What a shock! HaHa. (Don't you love how teen girls are all so gosh darn cute?  Then we get old!)  Anyways other guys arrived latter.  In the mean time Autsin and one of his friends carefully unwraped and broke opened a chocolate eyeball.  Then they proceeded to scoop out the peanutbutter filling and fill it back up with mustard.  Next they rewrapped it and put it back with the rest of the chocolate balls and waited for others to arrive and enjoy the treats! Don't you just love being a teenager?  Lucky Marcus got the funky treat!  GROSS!!

They watched a movie and played games.  They had fun and that's what matters!

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