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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ozzie and Life at the Batchelors

I love this picture of Ozzie and Dad.  This was actually taken on Christmas.  Ozzie kept trying to get on the back of the couch or your head or whatever would get him higher and away from Branden's remote controlled cars.

This is Ozzie after he finished off his Gnome toy on my bed.  It looks bad but it is only the stuffing from his toy!

This picture was New Years Eve, Branden couln't stay awake any longer, and Ozzie thought he looked like a good pillow or something.

Just a picture I snapped,  I love pictures that capture those little happy moments that make life more worth while.

This picture needs an explaination.  For Family Home Evening we often play improv games that Austin teaches us.  This was one of those evenings.  This is Dad's impression of Edward Scissors Hands (think back to the 80's Movie).  I wish I had a video.  We laughed so hard!

Last but not least is Dad and Uncle Ron at our family get together.  Just sharing how come what may, we love it!

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