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Thursday, January 14, 2010

So I'm Slow! Grandparents still have to see Christmas!

I'm just getting our Christmas pictures posted.  We have been busy training Ozzie and finishing the downstairs bathroom.  But never the less here are a few Christmas pictures.  Jaysen said he didn't want clothes, but he loved this hoodie from Quinton and his leather jacket.  He also got a digital camera that he spends hours making stop motion movies with.  He is quite good.

Branden loved his giant helicopter.  And his remote controlled cars, which Ozzie is very afraid of.

Emilee wanted a life like baby doll.  This one actually breathes when it sleeps and sucks it's pacifier while making baby cooing and sucking sounds.  Amazing!

Ashlee got two giant stuff horses, which is what she asked for.  Below she shows the Barbie outfit Jaysen (with a lot of help from Mom) made for her.  (We also made a pink one for Emilee.)

Quinton and Austin got new clothes and thought they were all that! Austin was really surprized by Mom and Dad paying for his drama convention he wanted to attend this January. 

Quinton had asked for a DS but instead received a tank and got to go pick out the fish and crabs for it.  After setting it up he stated that that was way better than a DS.  That our Dr. Doolittle.

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