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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The case of the Runaway and the Red fingernail polish!

The other day I went to do some cleaning in the kids bathroom, (scary).  I soon noticed the tip of the facet handle had been painted with red fingernail polish.  I rounded up all the kids to find out who had done this aweful deed.  Only to find no one did!  (Amazing! No one does everything around here)  I had to leave for an appointment, but I informed the kids that everyone would be punished when I got back unless the culprit confessed.  While I was gone the kids decided it must be Branden and pressured him to confess.  On my way home I received a phone call from Emilee crying that Branden was running away.  "He's four, can't you or your 11 year old brother stop him?" I asked.  "We tried she sobbed, he is putting on his shoes."  "I'll be home in just a few minutes."  A few minutes later, another phone call.  This time Em was hysterical, " He's leaving!"  "O.K. I'm driving up our street right now."  She met us out front crying and pointing, " He went that way and Quinton is following him."  I drove down the block and turned the corner to find four year old Branden walking followed by two siblings and various neighboorhood children.  Now there are times when we as parents have to be serious, and this was one of those times, but I had to work hard not to bust up laughing.  I sent the other kids away an pulled up next to Branden. There he was walking down the street, serious as you can get, coat and hat on, carrying his money he had been saving in an old water bottle.  He also had added some trail mix in with his money, (I guess incase he got hungry).  And last of all he carried a family picture wrapped around the water botlet (to remember what we look like).  He wouldn't talk to me or Austin.  So we just followed him in the car for a while.  He finally stop when I asked him  where he was going to sleep.  I mentioned he didn't have a blanket or anything to keep him warm.  He still wouldn't talk to us.  So I said he either talked or Austin would get out and get him.  Austin got out and picked him up and put him in the car.  It was like watching Austin pick up a doll.  When he was in the car he started to talk.  He said everyone was blaming him, so he finally just said he did the fingernail polish and then informed everyone he was running away.  We decided to go home and have a talk with everyone.  When we got home Quinton and Emilee were both crying.  But we all had a good talk.  Kids keep life fun and interesting.  I am so thankfull for the Lord to let me have them for awhile. 


Jessica Draper said...

HILARIOUS!! What a little guy you have there!

Anonymous said...

So did the real nailpolish bandit ever confess?

Ronda Batchelor said...

No one ever did!