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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homemade Valentines

So I got this hair brain idea to have the kids make their own valentines.  I got some scrapbooking paper and sat down with the girls.  After I showed them how to trace and layer the paper they took off with their ideas.  They were so excited and started talking about how no one else would have the same ones as theirs, and how their teacher and everyone would be so impressed.  It went over like a great parenting story.  Like I was a great wise mom who knew all!  (Rarely does that happen!)  It was really fun spending the time with them, even if the rest of the house looked like a bomb went off!  They turned out rather cute, don't you think?
Branden wanted in on the action, so we picked some more boyish (is that a word) paper and went to town.  He loved sticking on the foam stars and hearts. 
It was a good day because we spent time together, and I put all other things aside.  That's why we had kids, right?

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