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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boys' Bathroom Part One

We have been finishing our basement one room at a time.  First was Jaysen's  then Austin's room.  Then the store room (I'll post that later).  And we have just finished the boy's bathroom down there.  We do most of the work ourselves ( my wonderful husband, me, and occasionally my kids).  This helps us to be able to afford all our home improvement projects.  We also find less exspensive ways of doing things.  Let me share our journey of the bathroom and how we saved. 
We knew we wanted to tile the shower/tub walls because we wanted the tile to go all the way to the ceiling.  I don't know about you but my teenage sons, take the hottest showers so tile walls really help.  Anyways I priced the tile at about $200 at Lowes.  That was using mostly small plain tiles.  But then I went to the REStore, (which is like a second hand home improvement store.)  That's were I got creative with the tiles I found there.  My hubby and I came up with what would work with what they had, and the tiles ended up costing us just over $60.  Savings of around $140.  SWEET!  I think they turned out wonderfull.
I saved money on the paint even though I painted the bathroom twice.  First I painted it this light apple green.  Why? 'cause it was left over from the upstairs bathroom.  But there is no natural light in this room and it was glowing green like some sort of alien.  Then I took some leftover white I had and mixed it with some dark brown my sister had left over.  I really like how it turned out.  Both paints were free so I call the color Free Mocha. 
Next I picked up these floor tiles at a Black Friday sale at Lowes, $26 for the tile to cover the whole bathroom floor.  I convinced my hubby that we should lay them on the diagonal, I love the look.  We used dark grey grout for two reasons.  #1 grout will eventually end up that color, especially with teenage boys.  #2  We had to buy a bag which would cover more than that bathroom, so this color will work on our bathroom up stairs.  Two for the price of one. 
We planned on moving our mirror down there if we could get it off the wall in one piece, but we need storage.  After all four boys will eventually share this one bathroom.  That solution came one day when we were shopping at DI, and found thes babies!  Two matching corner medicine cabinets for $10 bucks each!
I sanded them primed them, touched them up, painted the outside black, and put stone like contact paper on each shelf.  Instant storage that doesn't look to shabby!
Here's our mirror prior to moving.
Here's the finished product.
One of the high cost on any project tends to be the lighting.  Why light fixtures cost so much is beyond me.  But you know me, I don't pay those silly high prices.  I found this white light fixture at the RE Store for $5, still in the box brand spanking new.  I of coarse spray painted it black.  It did not come with the glass parts.  But I was patient.  And last week I found I found four perfect glass parts at DI for $1 each.  That's $9 totall for my light fixture.  We had picked one out at Lowes that was similar but cost $43.  That's a $34 savings.  Love it!!!
Here she is all painted and installed.  She looks good!
Well that's part one.  Next time I'll show more of the  decorating parts and actually show the bathroom!  Leave a commet and tell me what you think!


House of Smiths said...

I know I've already seen it... but I LOVE it!!!!
You're so talented, lady!
Shelley Smith

Anonymous said...

Ronda, you are so creative! And way to be patient in finding the light fixture parts that went together. So cool! Love those deals! You inspire me. We are buying our first home soon and I can't wait to do what you are doing to yours. I love thrift shopping and making trash into treasure! I will have the perfect spot for an entry table. I saw you did a table like I want to find. Such a thrill isn't it!? Love you lots. -Kerrie

ps-email me if you want an invite to my blog. Haven't posted in a while. Not as fun as yours! :) kerriedg@yahoo

Ryan said...

Great results, especially considering all the cost saving. Well done.

Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} said...

yup, i got mine at the re-store in SLC, by costco! only $10, and i love the seeded glass fixtures that i added to it - perfect for my space.

Love the hook you used for the hand towel - very cute. the bathroom looks great!!

Sausha @ {show & tell}