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Thursday, April 22, 2010

One step closer to my own potty!

How does this get me closer to my finished master bath, you may ask?  It's seems you have to do A to get to B,C,D and my toilet is somewhere around X,Y or Z.  We want to hang a light fixture over our master tub.  So we have to add a box and some wiring, but the only attic access is on the other side of the house with a huge vault in between our master bath side. So we decided we needed to add another attic access.  So the brain that I am (ha ha)  I taped up some plastic to the ceiling to block off where we planned to cut the whole.  It was only big enough for one person, so my sweet hubby got to all the work in the hot sweat tube.  What a trooper! 

Here is our lovely hole.  It went pretty fast.  It looks pretty good.  What do ya think?  Now we can start the electrical stuff.

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