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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Austin's I-pod

This week was spirit week at Austin's school.  Who ever had the best costumes won an I-pod.  The first day he dressed up as a 50's greaser for blast from the past day.  Sorry no picture.  The next day was Geek day.  Leave it to Austin, he dressed up as a Jedi.  (Funny he really is a Star Wars Geek.) 
Everyone loved his costume.  The cloak was from a Jedi costume I made when he was younger.  As well as the white dickie.  But then we used a small tan pair of pants over that. 
He looked awsome as long as he left his cloak on.  Next day was Jersey day, sorry no picture.  But the last day was Pirate Pride Day.  (Their mascot is a Pirate.)  So we pieced together another costume from my costume closet, and added some makeup and facial hair from Jaysen's makeup kit.  Need I say more.
Yes, he won the I-pod.  He even said I could listen to it for helping putting his costumes together.  Thanks!

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