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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bathroom Bling Bling for about $12!

OK, so I know I look fabulous!
 But this is me getting ready to add some bling to my bathroom. I wanted a light over the tub. So I get to climb in the attic!  
Thus my fun attire.  
First my hubby marked the spot on the ceiling centered over the tub. Then he poked a long wire up through the attic so I could see where to clear back the insulation.

Then I watched him cut the hole.

And soon I could see my sweet hubby down below.

Here's what it looked like from below.

Then we installed the after construction box.  I then drilled a hole in the top plate of the wall and fished a wire down the wall to my hubby. 

Now we are ready for the fun stuff.

Oh wait, here is one of our photo helpers. 

Next I found this canopy at DI for 50 cents. Love the detail. I planned on adding a  light fixture over a year ago, so I was always on the look out for something.  I found this chandy at IKEA but it was $40.  Well that was to rich for my blood.  But as I was leaving I checked out the clearance center and there was the exact chandy for $9.99!

The light came with the ugly canopy on the left. So I spray painted my 50 cent one silver.  
What do ya think? 
 I love it.

Next I found this ceiling medallion at the RESTORE for $2. It just keeps getting better. Did I say that out loud? The thrill of a good  deal just gets me all excited and weird.

Anyway, next I glued the medallion to the ceiling with adhesive caulk.  
Put some tape up to hold it in place. 

Then I was too impatient to wait for my hubby to get home from work so I installed the light. 

Ta da!  
It works. I just love it. The whole fixture and medallion cost $12.50!!! 

One more view!
 In the last picture I replace the light bulbs with frosted ones. I like the look a lot better. What do you think? I also just bought a dimmer switch at Home Depot for $10. We are going to install that this week. Can't you just image taking a relaxing bubble bath under a the soft glow of this chandy?  I can't wait to show you the whole bathroom!  
Stay tune.


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Love it!

Nana said...

Looks beautiful Sis.

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

I just love chandelier bling and your chandelier bling in the bathroom is awesome!

Decor To Adore said...

Sigh...swoon...my heart is going pitter pat.

SewPaperPaint said...

Super cute! I'm always too scared to do this!!! Looks great!

Jenn Toon said...

Wow! And you had to up and move to Utah! {insert sad face here with pouty lip}
Looks great, Rhonda!!