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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dumpster Diving at it's Finest!

Every spring our city puts out dumpsters for spring cleaning.  I can't help but look at them as I drive by.  Twice this spring I just had to stop and dig something out.  First I saw these ladder back chairs.  They were screaming to me to stop!     I figured they would be all rickety, why else would someone throw them away?  So I stopped and checked them out, they were solid as a rock!  So I climbed up and pulled them out.  there were two of them.  Score!!  While I was up there I noticed a broken table, it's legs were just laying there.  So I had to grab the legs.  (they would cost a fortune to buy)   
I love how chunky they are.  I can't wait to make a table or may be a desk. 
On another day in a different neighborhood I drove by what looked like a old door sticking out of the dumpster.  I didn't stop, but I kept thinking about it.  So a few hours later I was going out with my friend Shelly and we stopped and I drug it out of the trash.  That's true friendship!  Go to House of Smith's to see me dumpster diving!  I think this would make a great desk!  I love it!


Ange said...

I would dive in a dumpster any day if I got finds like those! Well done Ronda :o)

Anonymous said...
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Chantel said...

I miss the Spring Cleanup so much. They don't do that in St. George, so I have to ask my mom to look for things for me on the side of the road. Ha, ha.

Carrie said...

Absolutely love that door! That is gorgeous!!! So wish I had discovered one of those in my salvage yard finds!