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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nana's Day! Kitchen Part 1

Every week my sister and I go over to my mother's (known as Nana) and help her work on her house.  She bought the house amost three years ago and we are helping her make it feel like "her" house!  My 5 year old son comes and helps each Wedsnday after preschool and often says, "Is today Nana's day?"  So I decided to label all post about our ativites there as Nana's Day.  We have so much fun I thought I would start to share some of our projects.  I'm going to start with her Kitchen remodel, which we are still working on.  Let's take a look at the befores and what was wrong.  This is the original kitchen that came with the house.  It was kinda dark with little lighting.  Not to mention you had to walk across the kitchen to turn on the light.  At night that can be quite dangerous.  Also all the cabinets had unmovable shelves.  She couldn't put anything taller than 8 or 9 inches in her cubboards.  And there was very little counter space, no place to work.  The eighties curtain toppers had to go.  (This bothered me more than Nana, but she was surprised how much light came in after we took them down.)
The frigde was just sticking out of a wall all by itself, really making the kithen flow bad.  And the pantry had not very deep but very tall shelves, making it not very efficent. 
The wall the fridge was on jutted back 17 inches.  In the dining area the lighting was insufficent at night.  During the summer this room got a little warm and could use a fan.
There was blue carpet on the dining side.  I hate carpet under tables.  If you have children eat at your house this is crazy! 
Last of all was the lovely burn mark on the floor.  How did that happen you may ask.  Let's just say Nana, a 12 year old boy, flamible liquid, and gas stoves, DO NOT GO TOGETHER!  But it really needed to be replaced. 
Nana asked if I would design her a new kitchen.  So that's what I did.  Next time I'll show what plan we all hashed out! 

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Letti said...

You have me intrigued. I can't wait to see your changes.