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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To The Twins!!!!

So breakfast in bed is a Girl thing, I think.  I love it and get it every Mother's Day.  Last year the girls wanted breakfast in bed for their birthday.  So we did that.  This year the night before their birthday Em says, "So remember how we started that tradition of breakfast in bed?  I can't wait till the morning."  Good thing she reminded me.  I have one tray but I had to send the hubby to my sisters to get another late that evening.  The girls had requested what we have thin pancakes, which is crepes with strawberry topping. 
Looks Delish!  On a side note.  They are eating off the red letter plates.  This is a tradition started by my grandmother.  On birthdays and special occasions family members get to eat off the coveted red dishes.  It is reserved for only special occasions.
Any who, the girls were just as excited as their mom to get to eat in bed.  (I said it was a girl thing!)
My kids get birthday parties every other year.  This was not a party year, so we just opened gifts as a family.
Mom and Dad gave them a shopping spree!  So girly.  They loved it.  Nana and I took them out and we had a ball.  Ashlee is so into blue, everything she bought was blue.  Em was my poser girl.  Everything she tried on she would strike a pose. 
Here's their favorite new outfits. Check out Em posing again.
I'm so glad I have these girls.  They are so much fun.  I love to see the differences in their personalities even though they are twins. 


The Sants said...

We have a special red plate we use in our family too! It says "You are special today" around it....love those family traditions!

Happy Birthday girls!

Melissa said...

Dang! I never get anything like that on my birthday. I wish that I was your neighbor. Thanks for stopping by, and you kind comment.

Ashley said...

So much fun! I am following you back and I gave you an award! Come over and take a peak!
AShly @ No Apologies