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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Painting Nana's Kitchen

After ripping everything out of Nana's kitchen we had to start to put it back together.  Bro. Andersen patched the dry wall for us.  He is super at this.  That's what years of experience does for ya!
Then we got to painting!  Branden just loves helping.
The happy helpers all done!
Looks good, a big yellow box! Nana just loved the color.


The Mac's House said...

Great job on the drywall and the paint looks awesome!

Finally someone who actually paints before putting up all the cabinets and accessories.... I am always amazed at why so many people would rather cut in around cabinets, appliances and tile to paint when they are doing a gut job why not just paint it out right away? We gutted our kitchen down to the studs and YES I painted the entire wall before we started putting up the cabinets. I just felt it was easier and less work than trying to cut around everything once they were in place or to try and figure out where cabinets would hang to not paint those areas.

That's a very cheerful yellow!

Nice work!

Come to my house and help me out. LOL :)

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

I love a butter yellow kitchen. I have one too. Tell her things just taste better with that butter color on the walls.