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Friday, July 23, 2010


So the kids came in screaming there are ducks on our porch!!!  "What?" I said disbelieving.  Sure enough, there were all these baby ducks.
Momma duck was on the drive way!
I told the kids to back off so she could get to them.  And she did and went up the steps to our front door, as the babies tried to jump up the steps unsuccessfully.
They finally all got together and waddled off down the road.  Way to cute!!!!
Any way, you may have noticed a few changes with my blog.  I decided it need a new look and some updating.  I hope you like the face lift and it's easy to use.  Thanks, Ronda


Katelyn said...

I love the closet! Oh my goodness.

I just followed, follow back? :)

Celeste B. said...

Too cute!