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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How I Did Jaysen's Room

I have had a few questions on how I painted the brick wall in Jaysen's room.  So here it is.  First I painted the whole wall a light tan like the rest of his room.  Go here to see his room post.  Then I took a rectangle sponge mop head and and ripped off the edges so it wouldn't have such a straight edge.  (Sorry I haven't any pictures this was pre-blog days.) 
Then I went to the store looking for cheap small cans of paint.  I used red, brown and yellow (of coarse they were oops paint or dented sale cans.).  By accident some were flat and some were gloss.  But that helped give the wall a 3-D  texture feel.  I just dabbed combinations of the three colors on the sponge and pressed it to the wall.   Then repeat.  Many of the bricks looked to transparent so I just re-stamped them, which only added to the depth of each brick.  I just started at the top of the wall doing one row at a time.  Pretty simple.  Very time consuming.  It took me one whole day!  But many people actually think it is real brick. 


Celeste B. said...

Wow! I do not have the patience for that. It looks great!

Lindsay said...

That is amazing and when I first looked I really did think it was brick!

Mindy said...

Hello! I linked here through House of Smiths. I love your brick wall! That is so amazing!

I have been wanting to do a brick-looking wall in my boys' room, but I have been stumped on how to do it. I have thought of trying to use thin bricks, or those brick looking laminate sheets they have at Lowe's. But painting them is way easier and way cheaper!

My question is, are your walls textured? We have some pretty heavily textured walls, and I wonder if this will affect the painted brick look. Thanks!

Sheyenne said...

Oh my! How I LOVE this project! I'm about to do my sons' room in a Harry Potter theme and I really wanted to do a part of it with a brick look and a sign that said "Platform 9 3/4". I gave up the idea after thinking it would be too hard, but I totally could do this! Thanks so much for the idea!