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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just put it out there!

My sister says I just want something and I put it out there in the universe and I find it for little or no money.  I don't know if she right or I'm just creative or a good second hand store hunter.  No matter, the other day I came across a light fixture like my neighbor, Shelley, was looking for.  So I picked up my trusty cell phone.  Yes! She trusted me and really how could she lose for $5!!! 
So here is my great $5 find for Shelley.  On a side note I  checked to see if the light fixture worked by pushing the raw wires into a outlet.  My son was sure I would get shocked.  That's a trick my wonderful husband, Les taught me.  
Any whoo, my great find to Shelley's great find.  I'm sure she will post her finished project!  What else are neighbors for?