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Friday, July 16, 2010

Nana's Day - Kitchen Remodel

 Well here is Nana's kitchen.  It's all done. 
The first 10 pictures show before and after of the same views.


Backdoor view before

Backdoor view after


Dinning Room before

Dinning Room After

Sink Before

Sink After

I designed this cubby at the end of this run of cabinets.  It's the perfect place for her coat and purse right at the back door.

Next I put in a broom closet followed by a pantry with a trash can and recycle can below.

I added this wood cabinet to break up the long expanse of white cabinets and as a nice back drop for her dishes.  This pictures does capture the great sparkle of her crystal.

This frame was purchased at DI for $5.  I sprayed it brown, then got a piece of sheet metal at Home Depot. Cut it and covered it with fabric.  Tada!!! She has a magnet board for her grand kids stories and artwork.  We got the vinyl from Shelly at Wonderfully Wordy

The Cabinet Guy refinished her table and raised it.  We always rubbed our legs on the table a few inches made a world of difference.
See the square piece he added?  Looks like it's always been there.
Well finish taking a look around. Leave a comment if you see something you like.  This kitchen is so super functional now as well as pretty to look at.  It feels so much bigger now, even though we added way more cabinets.  Nana just loves it, and that's what's most important.

Here's the working crew! We clean up pretty good!  Another project done at Nana's!!!


Pine Tree Home said...

Great job! Love the mix and match of white with wood. I spied those bar stools too, very cute.

Marie W said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I am jealous of Nana! :-)

House of Smiths said...

You already know this, but I love it ALL!
And I'm always impressed with how you can design these large spaces and see the big picture.
Glad you're my neighbor! :)

Beth West www.northernskyart.wordpress.com said...

Way to go! Looks great.

The Mac's House said...

What a great looking crew!

You're hired any time you want to head to Virginia for my projects around the house! :)

Honestly it turned out great, every inch of that kitchen is well planned and well thought out. Kuddos to all of you on a job well done.

joy said...

Love it!! I want to paint my cupboard white too, but so far I'm too chicken. Thanks for the inspiration!

Stephanie said...

Suh-weet!!!! I love how the after turned out. Been checking out your blog for a while, linked up from "Nine is Fine". Was hoping to see the final reveal soon and it did NOT disappoint. Great job!!!

Emma said...

Amazing! I love the cubby by the door. Of course moving the fridge was brillant. The table is gorgeous, I love the color. Thanks for sharing.

Nana said...

Thanks Daughter Dear. I love you. I love my kitchen. And I am the luckiest Nana that ever was.

Holly said...

Rhonda,I think the kitchen is fabulous. I am still going to get over there to see it if I can.

I love your new blog design by the way - looks fabulous!