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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Austin's 16!!!!!

I can't believe my first baby is 16!!!!  It seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms and now he is taller than me and can pick me up!!  Can I just brag on him a little?  He is very talented.  He has done very well with acting,  getting supporting lead roles in school plays and at the local theater.  He is also the co-captain of his schools Improv team.  ( I think he is the funniest on the team.)  He is also a very talented artist.  Go here to check out his artwork on his blog.  He makes friends easily and is very well like by young and old. Did I mention I tink he's a cute kid?  He seems to be able to charm his way in and out of any thing.  He by no means is perfect, but I'm glad to be his mom.  I'm proud of him and who he is becoming. 
Well let's check out this charming guy and his party!
For his luau we went to the party store and the other party store. (other meaning DI and Salvation Army)

Here's our deals from the other party store. Pineapple wallpaper $2,(used for table tops.)
Hawaii beach mats 2 at $2 each used as backdrops, Hibiscus flowers $2 , cup 50 cents, coconut candle 75 cents, Carved coconut $2,  flower in basket $1.5, pineapple wood tray 50 cents, bamboo trays $1.50 each, 4 wooden place mats $1 for the set.  We also bought seven tiki torches on sale at Michael's for $1.99 each.
So here's how it all turned out!
I filled up those fruit bowls like four times each, they just kept eating the fruit.  Does that mean teens are a little fruity?  LOL
Les had these cool large round lights we put on the umbrella (that we got last year at DI, that goes in the table we got from DI).  They look tropical, don't ya think?
The tiki torches were a big hit.  When it got dark they looked really cool.
And I can't forget Quinton's sea shells he decided Austin need .  He very meticulously placed them in the sand.  Making it feel very beachy.
Shortly after the party started two girls rearranged them and made a sand castle. 
Finally the party started.  Every guest was greeted with a flower lei.  I was not allowed to take a group photo as that would embarrass my son, so I just took  alot of snap shots.
Austin can often be seen with a gaggle of girls around him, his party was true to that.
Girl party guests,

more girl guests,
more girl guests with Austin,
oh look a boy.
and another guy!
They all seemed to have a good time, about 30 kids in all.  But Austin thought it was a successful party and that's the opinion that counts the most. 
Happy Birthday to my Eldest!

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