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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School Inventory

With six kids we have a lot of clothes and things to buy for back to school. I don't like to buy things
 things we don't need or already have.   So I inventory what each child has so I know what our needs are.   I've had a few requests for my inventory sheet, so I thought I would share my system with you.  I print out one sheet for each child.  I write their name at the top and go through all their clothes and such. After going through their clothes I check what I have in storage.  I keep good clothing and box it up by size and gender to pass on to younger siblings. I include backpacks and and eye ware on my inventory sheet. 
The first column I record what they have in each category.  The second column is what I deem they need.   Then I calculate the third column which is what is still needed.  Now I have a list to take shopping for each kid. 
I also have a spot in the corner to record their sizes and measurements.  This helps when shopping.  After we are all done I cut out this corner for each kid and put it in my planner or calendar that I keep in my purse.  For the next few months if I find great deals while the kids are in school I can easily look up to see if that great deal will fit someone! 
When we are shopping I always allow the kids to pay the cost of cool.  This means if I'm willing to pay $8 for a T-shirt but they want a $15 shirt.  They need to pay the extra $7 for that shirt.  'The Cost of Cool".  (Of course this only works on items they need.  If they want 10 shirts and I think they need 6-8 they would need to pay for the extra two shirts.) 
Anywhoo, that's how we do are back to school shopping!! Now go get ready for school!

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