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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Yes, I know I should be doing projects not buying more but Les wanted to go Garage Selling.  So what's a girl to say? 
Clock $2, metal basket $1, mirrors 50 cents each, wand 25 cents, old electric fan $1, christmas lights 50 cents a box.  Hey it was quality time with my husband!!!


House of Smiths said...

I LOOOOVE that fan! :)
Can I have it... AND your wooden plaque?
Let me know.
~your annoying neighbor :)

Celeste B. said...

Man...I don't know how you find such great deals. I can spend hours garage selling and not score anything.

wendyfay said...

I'd love an update of what you do with your 'prizes' ... :) Thanks, Wendy from Oz. :)