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Friday, August 20, 2010

Latest and Greatest Finds!

Here is a collection of great finds I've found recently from many sources.
I love this pitcher I got for $1.50 I think from DI.
I love the lines and color of this vase $4 at DI.  I bought it for my mom for her birthday but had a hard time parting with it!
Got this old ice cream maker bucket for a trash can for my boys pirate room.  Salvation Army for $1.
Charging station Salvation Army for $2.50.
Check out this wonderful nightstand for $4 at DI.
Last of all is my favorite find, this old door.  It was not so much the door, look closer at the knob!
Is that a gorgeous crystal door knob?  yes!  And guess how much it cost!  I'm getting all excited just typing this.  $5!!!!!!! for the door with that knob at the Restore.  Seriously I have to really work to contain my squeals of delight when they tell me prices sometimes.  I wanted to put this in my bathroom. It's so beautiful.  Let's just look at her from a few different angles.
Lovely!!!  I really need to get busy on some projects now.  We are working slowly on the bathroom I'll try and give you a sneak peak next week. 

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Emma said...

Awesome finds. We have beautiful doors like that in our house. We are moving and I am taking an extra one even though my husband will think I am crazy! A friend also gave us a bag of old glass door knobs. I have one project in mind for some of them. It is crazy how much people try to sell them for. Can't wait to see want your bathroom.