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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nana's Day - New Project- Garage

After finishing Nana's Kitchen we decided to tackle her garage since that's where her old cabinets were going.  Here are the before pictures.  Everything is just stacked every where.
The first day we just completely empty out the garage.  We enlisted the help of my eldest Austin and my nephew Jarett.
Then the garage looked good but the yard looked terrible.  Nana's sprinklers went off while we were taking  a lunch break!  Luckily Austin caught it before it got to wet!!! 
Slowly we installed the cabinets and put everything back in.
Here are the happy helpers. (No my sister is not short, these two boys are just tall,  6'3" and 6'8")
Any whoo, here is the after.  Sorry these pictures aren't very good.
We bought peg board for this wall and the cabinet back splash for 25 cents a 4' x 4' square at the Restore. 
We labeled all the doors and want to go back and outline all the tools with a black marker.  It looks much better and we can now find things.  It took us three days to install the cabinets and organize and put everything back in.  Plus a trip to Lowe's for hooks and plywood for the counter tops.  (We had it cut before we left the store)  Now we can move onto some fun projects, like her guest bedroom!  Can't wait to show you the headboard Les and I made for her.

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Pine Tree Home said...

She must LOVE it. I wish my garage was that organized.