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Monday, August 23, 2010

Shh, do you hear that? Quietness!!!!

Wow, I'm actually sitting here posting this in total quietness.  Because these adorable children are "all" at school!!!!!
Aren't they cute.  Yes, they are and they are extra cute at SCHOOL!  I'm one of those moms who was so ready for school to start.   Today the last three started and I'm home alone for half a day!!!  But we had a very busy summer and even this last weekend we had an Eagle project to do for Austin and his birthday party. This is the after party mess waiting for me to clean up, which is what I should be doing.  But come on it's my first few minutes of quietness.  Let me just share this mornings events.  Woke everyone up about 6:30.  Branden jumped up and ran down the hall so exited to start school.  We all read scriptures together said family prayer and sent everyone to start there chores.  I started breakfast, and fixed Jaysen's jeans.  Rang the doorbell(we have a remote doorbell for the kids in the basement.  Just push it and they come to the bottom of the stairs to see what you want.) for Austin to come take the trash cans out to the curb. 
I got ready to take the big boys to school and realized Jaysen had dish chore and they weren't done but if he did them then Austin whined he would be late!  Guess who gets to clean up the dishes.  Yours truly.  As I drop Austin off we realizes he doesn't have his schedule or locker combo!!!!  So I drop off him then Jaysen at the Jr. High race home (in a legal way) and tear the house apart looking for Austin's schedule.  15 minutes later drop off his schedule and race back home.  Help the little kids finish getting ready and sign every ones planners, kiss my husband good bye and walk to school with the kids.  Branden was so excited to walk to school with the big kids, we had to walk.  Waited with him for his first day of kindergarten.  Waved goodbye!  Went to a kindergarten parent orientation and walked back home to enjoy these few minutes of quietness.  Do you hear it?  No one wants a snack, no one asking to get on the computer, no one wants anything!!!!  I'm in heaven!!  Did you enjoy that?  I did.  But the phone just rang shattering my quietness!!!  It was my sister saying the plums are ready to be picked and they won't wait.  We need to pick them and do the jam today before it goes bad!! Well it was awesome while it lasted.  That's life always something.  I guess I'm glad that I have all six of my somethings to keep my life busy!!  Hope your day goes great.  Leave a comment if you can relate! 


Marie W said...

Lol. I'm on the other end! My classroom was filled with nervous and pent up energy. While the parents were breathing a sigh of relief, I was going over rules, expectations and procedures. I hope their first day back was great!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

We are back to school too. It's heavenly.