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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jaysen's Mad Hatter Party - Part 2 "The Decorations"

Here are a few of the party decorations I got from DI thrift store and Salvation Army.  The small white heart in the above picture was 50 cents.  It was a ceramic jewelry like box.  Jaysen put $5 in it and we tied it with a ribbon and a note that said "open me".   We gave it as the prize for the best costume.  Jaysen and I picked out a cup and saucer tea set for himself and each guest.  Most cost between 10 and 50 cents.  We bought 7 to 10 tea pots for 50 cents to $2 each.  We found the stand below at DI for 2 bucks and I glued some bright tea pots to it for a cute center piece.  (We gave each guest their tea set as party favor, but I'm going to sell this center piece and all the extra tea pots if you know any one throwing a tea party.)
I'm sure people thought we were crazy, a teenage boy and his mom picking out tea sets!
We had the party in the back yard, so I made these signs to direct them around to the back. (I know, I know the signs could use a little help, but I was running out of time. They still got the message across.)
My rose bush is not flowering right now, but we put fake roses (from the first photo of this post) in the bush.  All but one rose was red.  The last one was white.  I added a can of drippy red paint and a paint brush next to the sign that said, "Stop, painting the roses red.   Move on!"
After the last sign the guest were greeted with a wonderful table full of goodies.  We ran a small set of Christmas lights down the center of the table.  They looked really cool as the sun set.  We filled some of the better and bigger tea pots with soda for the kids to fill up their tea cups with.
I think it turned out pretty cute, ok maybe not cute for a teenager let's say cool looking!  What do ya think? 
O.k., I'll show ya pictures of the kids and the actual party tomorrow.   Whooo hoo!

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