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Monday, September 13, 2010

Jaysen's Mad Hatter Tea Party - Part 1 "The Cake"

Since my kids only get birthday parties every other year, we kinda have a good time and get creative.  That includes cakes.  Jaysen wanted a tall crazy lopsided looking cake.  So my job was to make it look that way but actually be stable and not fall over. I borrowed a set of 10 inch, 8 inch and 6 inch cake pans.  I must be crazy cause it took FOUR cake mixes!!!  Then I just started to layer them.  I stacked the two 10 inch layers and then cut the top off at an angle.  By the second layer I realized I could take the wedge I had cut off and flip it over on the other two pieces and get a more exaggerated angle.  (Don't know if that makes any sense, sorry I was alone and didn't take any pictures.)  Once I got the cake put together, I just started frosting each layer a different color, and adding candy or frosting decorations. 
By this point Branden was home from Kindergarten and started taking pictures of me.  The next three pictures he took.  (Pretty good photographer)  Don't look at the total chaos all over the counters. I should just be glad you can't see the powder sugar all over the floor. 
It took me almost all day, about 6 hrs.  Of course it took longer because I didn't have enough couplers for all the different colors of frosting.  I borrowed two from my neighbor Holly, but  I still had to do all of one color and then empty the bag of frosting by writing on the cookies, (more on that below).   But finally I had a leaning tower of Cake!! 

It looked like it would fall over, but was actually very sturdy.
The best part about the cake was when Jaysen got home from school and loved it!!! 
We had lots of treats, but all the cookies had to say "Eat Me" on them, just like in Alice and Wonderland.  Guess who got to write that on about a million cookies?  (Ok it wasn't a million but it felt like it.)  Jaysen actually did a few when he got home. 
So what do you think of that crazy cake?  Please tell me there are other mothers out there like me!  I'll show the Mad Hatter Tea Party decorations next time. 


Celeste B. said...

Very nice! I never have that kind of time to devote 6 hours to making a cake. I would've only been able to get to the cookies. LOL! I hope his party was a blast.

House of Smiths said...

Whoo hoo! That cake turned out AWESOME! Looks like a LOT of work. lol.
You're such an AWESOME Mom :)