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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nana's Day Guest Bedroom Part One

Our newest project at Nana's is her guest room. 
She had a plain white room and a black, red, and white quilt her sister made for her. We planned the whole room around her quilt.  The bed had no head board so that was our first project.  We found this great old wood door at the Restore for $5 and some green crown moulding for $3.
Les and I cut the door down and added the crown moulding and took it to Nana's for her to paint.  (Can't wait to show you how great this turned out.)
She painted a lot of things for this room but didn't want to paint this table.  But it had this ugly gold/brass plastic trim. 
So we colored it with a magic marker.  So simple.  But it helped a lot.
I'll show ya the finished room next week.

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