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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ozzie's Pillow

Ozzie, I felt, needed a pillow.  But I didn't want to pay a lot.  So I bought a large pillow at DI which my teenagers used to play tug-0-war with Ozzie. Can you say shredded. So I tried again.  First I found this sheet at DI for $1 or $2 and a DI pillow.
I made a new cover out of the sheet by cutting two squares  and sewing them together, leaving a small opening.  I sewed them wrong sides together,(which is opposite of what you usually do.  See picture below.)  Then I wrapped wide brown ribbon over the exposed seam and sewed it down.
Then I empty the stuffing out of the old pillow into the new one and sewed up the opening.  I originally was just going to put the whole pillow inside the new covering, but the tropical print was showing through the fabric and it was kinda stiff.
Here is the finished product for about $5.   I love the little paw prints and the colors go well in my house with out yelling I'm a dog bed!!!!
Ozzie loves it!  What do ya think?


Celeste B. said...

Looks like Ozzie loves it. We had a pillow for Maggie for a long time until it stunk so bad we could smell it from a few feet away. Eeww! Last Christmas she got a doggie bed with a ledge she can lay her head on...this is her favorite.

Emma said...

The fabric is adorable perfect for a cute doggies pillow.

Unknown said...

This is adorable! I am been threatening to make our boy, Ruger, a new pillow bed. great job!