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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Store Room

When we moved in our house three years ago we needed a finished basement, but could not afford it.  So we set to work.  We have completed two bedrooms, a bathroom and one store room.  Any way, the store room was the second room finished in the basement.  I was so glad so we could organize our stuff and start getting food storage.  So I thought I'd show my store room.
Here is looking into the store room.  Notice the outside of the door is in unfinished space. 
There are two isles or should I say a "U" shape.  Any whoo this is the first isle.  In the middle is our can roller that Les and I built.  (He was the brain behind figuring this one out.)  We load the cans from isle two and take them off from this side on isle one.  Everything is at a slight slant so the cans roll forward. That way it's easy to rotate through our food, using the oldest food first.  (Are you confused yet?)
I love this can roller shelf.  I know it is looking a little empty, but this was just before the annual case lot sales they have in Utah.  Just a week or two ago I totally stocked this shelf.   
These next boxes are part of my clothing storage system.  I store clothing to pass on to younger siblings.  Each box is labeled by sex and size, season, and sometimes clothing styles.  We save so much money this way.  And my kids love getting out the boxes to see what new clothes they get.  (Except the teenagers who are sooooo into whatever I don't have.)
This is isle two which has more food, canning stuff,

and my decorating stash.  (Don't laugh at the amount.  Most of this stuff has a planned home when we finish the rest of our rooms.)

Last of all is this little space by the door.  It's where my old small only freezer I can afford lives.  This is also where we keep our wrapping station and gifts (inside the white cabinet.)
It's not the most eye catching space, but it is fairly organized and helps my family life run smoother.  I use to dream of a big store room, I love it when dreams come true.  Now for that dream of winning a thousand dollars.  lol.


Marie W said...

It looks great! Very functional and every place has a purpose. What I would give to be so handy! :-)

T said...

My mother has a fabulous storage room like this, it came like that when they bought the house! Although she doesn't have the neat can roller shelf - that thing is intense! And one of the coolest things I've seen.

I would love this storage room in my basement. Have Les take a trip out to Wisconsin to teach my husband and I for a few months :P