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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallowen!

Happy Halloween!!
Hope your Halloween was great. 
 Here are all the cute pictures from our Batchelor Pad.
(I did not pose these kids.  All poses were there own ideas. That's just the kind of kids I have.)

Miss Witchy Poo

Little Red Riding Hood

Black Ninja
(You should see his Ninja moves. Too cute)

 Quinton's creepy make-up was designed and put on by his brother Jaysen. 
He is our new make-up artist. 

Jaysen also did his own make-up. 
He did this old man make-up for the youth dance on Wednesday. 
He even walked like an old man and stood all hunched over.

Daddy wore his Hillbilly teeth and hat and had way to much fun teasing people. 
 I'm always amazed at how many people don't recognize him in this get up.

For Halloween Jaysen spent most of the day doing his friends and his make-up.  Here are the final results.

Here's a closer look at his Freddy Krueger.

And his own evil clown thing.

Last of all Austin dressed up for the youth dance as Dracula. 
He didn't want to do make-up. 
 (Not sure about his Dracula pose)

All and all it was a fun Halloween hope yours was too!