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Monday, October 11, 2010

Home made back pack

My teenagers didn't want the traditional back pack, they wanted these smaller simple ones.  So I copied the one Austin got from Disney World.  As you can see his was falling apart at the seams.  lol
I just cut basic rectangles, and reinforced the corners.  With contrasting fabric.

I then put metal eyelets or rivets in the corners.  They are easy to do, just make sure you are on a hard surface like concrete.  I did my first one on the wood floor in my bathroom and it bounced around to much.

First you punch a hole in the material, make sure you go through all layers.

Then layer the tool, bottom rivet, material, top rivet and top part of the tool.  Then pound away with the hammer.  (A word to the wise, make sure you have the top and bottom rivets the right way.)

They look great and hold up well.  Then you sew up the rectangle and fold down the top for a casing.  Thread your cording through and your done.  This crazy fish print is what Jaysen picked out.

Austin was my second one and I lined his with a light weight denim.  The books really wear on the fabric I hope the lining makes it last longer.  So here's the old and the new of it. 
Austin want white so he could draw on his, check out his back pack after he worked his magic.

That's soooo Austin!!!
What do ya think?


Unknown said...

great tutorial!! Such a cut idea =)

Ru said...

Wow!! Your boy is so talented!!
Nice tute, too...:)