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Monday, October 4, 2010

Linen Closet Redo

I am ashamed to admit this is my linen closet "before". 
I actually had taken stuff off the top shelf already.  
Don't judge me!!!
Yes, that is sheets falling off the shelf.
Here's a closer look.  So scary!!!!
First thing I did was take everything out of the closet.  (Wow that's a surprise. lol)  Then I went through it and got rid of alot of it.  I had been given lots of sheets I didn't need.  I think I really only need two or three sets of sheets for each bed.  We had lots of dog supplies but no place to put them.  After weeding through everything,  I got baskets for groups of things.  It helps to contain things, like all the dog stuff, or light bulbs.  (Make sure you measure your space before you get containers home that don't fit.)  Now I was ready for the redo part.
After stenciling my master closet and my neighbor Shelley did her pantry redo, I wanted to do something fun to my linen closet.  So I searched the house and found some wall paper I had bought at DI for $1. When I told Les I wanted to paper the closet, he just looked at me and said, "If that's what floats your boat."  So call me crazy, my sister already did, but I wallpapered my linen closet.   Yes, I actually stayed up till 11pm one night (that's the only time I could find) and wallpapered the closet.  But in my defense I love it.  Just like my master closet it makes me smile.  I want to open the door and just admire my "straight from a magazine linen closet".  Hey, if that's what it takes to keep it clean so be it.  I mean who wants to mess up such a beautiful space?  Is any one with me?
Any whoo, I then made some labels and put the closet back together. 

Here she is, lovely don't you think?

I still want to cover this apple box with some paper or find/make a wooden box for the bottom.
I already had all the baskets, they all came from Walmart except the wire one which came from good old DI.  

Look at that beautiful wallpaper!  Just makes it look pretty and vintage. 

I labeled everything, that's the key to keep it neat.  That way everyone knows where to put things back.

I love how I can see this lovely view if the linen door gets left open. 
 What do you think?  I only spent $1 on the wrapping paper. 
Well leave a comment and tell me what you think,  I'm off to look in the closet!! LOL.

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Amber said...

love the wall paper! I just recently organized my pantry. I bought all my baskets at the dollar tree. I love reorganizing for only a dollar.

Colette said...

I Love it! I'm a huge fan of organization, and I say whatever it takes to make it look pretty and keep it organized is worth it! Good job!

Emma said...

It looks fabulous! The paper is so pretty. You and Shelly ROCK! I wish I had linen closets in my house. I just need to get creative.

Michelle said...

Wow that looks so great! My closet looks like the before picture. I wish I would take time to organize mine like you did!

- Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

I want to know how you got that label to stay on your wire basket? That looks great! I love the labels...love, love them! It looks great and even though I may not go so far as wallpapering my linen closet, I can see why you did! It's so organized and probably makes you feel good having it neat and tidy!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun