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Thursday, October 14, 2010

More easy Halloween

Just a few more Halloween decorations I made this year. 
First up I took these two items from thrift stores @ $1 each.  I sprayed the base black and gorilla glued them together.
Then I just added moss and smalls skulls from the Dollar store.

Next I tool lots of cool bottles I collected over the year from DI.  I printed off these labels last year.  I can't remember the web site.  I think I got it from a Studio 5 segment. I just cut them out and chalked them with browns, greys and green chalks to make them look old and dirty.  Next I watered down some Elmer's white glue and modge podge the labels on.  I filled the bottles with colored water.

This one I added some of Les' fishing lures.  It looks cool.  I'm looking for some good eyeballs to float in another jar.

Last decoration has a funny (I'm not laughing) story. 
A year or so ago Les spotted an old lamp at DI that he thought would make a great tomb stone. We then found some decorative finial thing and home we went.  I took the lamp insides out and glued the finial on top.  I sprayed the whole thing grey and added some black to really creep it out.  It was awesome. 
 I stored it down in the hot water heater room.  Before Halloween ever got here, Jaysen decided to hide from Austin.  Well you can't hide with the light on!!!  Too bad he knock my new tomb stone over and broke a huge hole in it!!!
Before I ever got to use it!!! 
Well Les filled the inside of the lamp base with expanding foam. 

I painted it black and now it passes as a really old cracked tomb stone!!  That's what I say any way!!!

Soon I'll post pictures of my complete Halloweened out House!!!

Today I got to go help my neighbour Shelley set up for her segment on Studio 5.  It was fun.  Go check out House of Smith's to see the segment.

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Celeste B. said...

You've definitely got the spooky touch. I don't even know where I'd store all that stuff! LOL! It looks great!