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Friday, October 29, 2010

Nana's Day - Starting a new project

So here we go again, onto our next project at Nana's house. 
We are turning this bedroom into her office.  It's a very dark dated room. 

So here are the before pictures. 
 Pay close attention to the window, and the closet.

This was demo day. 
We are taking the closet out and putting in a door that goes to her lovely kitchen we remodeled. 
 My younger kids and nephew are off track for three weeks so we let them help with the demo. 
 Branden is a pro, he picked up a hammer and crow bar and went to town. 
He took all the baseboards out of the closet pretty much by himself. 
What a little man!!!

Once we were ready we lined the kids up and let them have a few whacks at the wall. 
 One at a time of coarse.  They loved it. 
Here is my nephew Ryan.

This is a great action shot of Emilee. 
 (Notice the sledge hammer is about half her size.)

Ash is making quite alot of dust.

Here's the batting line up!!!

Here's the hole they made!!

Arlene and I finished up and here is the closet after we took down the wall. 
All in all we had a smashing good time.  LOL 

We also took down the eighties wallpaper boarder.

Notice the small square hole. 
I did that to check if there were wires running through where we want the door. 
There was nothing in the wall.

So are you intrigued? 
 I will keep ya posted on our next move, but I can say it will be most enlightening.

I also have some finished picture of my bathroom medicine cabinet. 
I'm just waiting for the hardware to get here. 
I was going to give you a sneak peak but I can't get my pictures to download. 
So I guess you'll just have to wait.

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Emma said...

I think you are amazing doing these projects. I am excited to see the door and finished room.