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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old Window / New Window

I bought this window at DI about 2 or 3 years ago for $2- $3 dollars.   It took me a while to decide what to do with it and a while to do it. 
(Yes, Monica I finally am doing 'that' window.) 

So here she is all plain.  I started by taping off the window and spray painting it white.

Next I sanded it to look old and worn.
And then added a brown glazed to further the worn look.  I sprayed it with a clear sealer coat.

Next I dug through my stuff and found some old things I could use.  Specifically small curtain rod holders, old wooden knobs, old rusty cup hooks, and silver chains. 
All free to me!!! 

 I painted the curtain rod holders with dark brown craft paint.

This summer I picked up this small curtain rod for free at a yard sale
 (yes I had a plan when I picked it up). 
 I didn't like the large leaf finals so I took them off.  I then cut off some of the length with a hack saw. 

I wanted to use the knobs for new finials, but how to glue them to the end of a hallow stick?  I found some corks I had and glued them to the knobs.

Then I just pushed them into the ends of the rod.

Then I installed the curtain rod holders and set the rod on it.
Here is the wall before.

Next I add the cup hooks to the top of the widow, wrapped the chain around the rod and hooked the cup hooks through the chain.

I didn't like the bright silver, so I dabbed some brown craft paint on the chain to make it look rusty.
(Check out this action shot of me painting.  Ashlee is quite the photographer.)

I found this wreath sometime this summer knowing it would be perfect for my widow idea.  It was also from DI for $2.  I hung from the widow by a ribbon I already had.
So here is my new/old widow in it's new home.

I love how it hangs away from the wall.

What do ya think? 
 I love it.  Les even said he like it. 
Total cost $6.

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Cory and Monika said...

Wow! You did a fantastic job. I love how you hung it. You are so creative. It looks so great. Good job!

birdfam said...

Ronda! I found your blog from Ellee's. I hope you don't mind that I am blog stalking you now. I love to see everything that you create!!! I wish you lived closer so I could use your ingeniousness. It's also been fun to see how your kids have grown!!!
-Kadee Lawlor Bird

Emma said...

That is really cool. I have 3 old windows to refinish and hang. Great idea.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Your window display looks outstanding...love how you hung it!
I'm your new friend:)


Amy Kinser said...

It looks great! Great find!

Partying with you tonight!

Kelly L. said...

Oh my...that is seriously so awesome! My mind is swirling with all the things I could hang from chain on a curtain rod attached to the wall.....Thank you so much!

Jeannetta said...

That is fabulous! I have several old windows that I've been collecting to make a greenhouse; I think I'm going to sneak one away from the project :D