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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gardner Village

Days before Halloween, while the little kids were off track we took them to Gardner Village. 
It's a little outdoor mall that puts up elaborate witch displays at Halloween. 
The kids loved it.  It was fun.

Here is Ash getting stuck with a mean old witch!!

Quinton and Ryan's favorite was Witchy Poo!!!

Branden needed a little cleaning!!

Here's the whole gang, except Nana, (she taking the picture)

Love these two girls!!! Aren't the cute?

I saw theses cute little statues.

Speak no evil,  see no evil, and hear no evil.
  How ironic!!!!

I've have been busy last week working on the bathroom. 
 Les was here Thursday and Friday and we worked our fingers to the bone! 
 Show ya are progress later.

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