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Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Wife Happy Life

My husband called home from work the other day,
"Didn't you say you wanted all white dishes someday?" 
"Yes," I answered. 
"We'll the cafeteria at work is having a garage sale.  Most things are 25 cents.  Do you want me to get some?" 
 What do you say to that? 
 How do you know what they look like? 

So I told him to use his judgement.
  On his way home he told me he bought 18 of almost each item! 
 I nervously waited for him to get home and show me our new dishes.

Wow!  Was I pleased!  
 He got all of this for about $20!!
Alot of it was still in new packages.
 I love how it all matches and it's simple clean look!!

  These mugs are the perfect size for hot cocoa. 
 Not to big and not to little.

The kids love these small glasses. 
 They are easy for small hands to hold, sturdy and don't tip over easy.

Here is my cupboard before
 It's a mismatch collection of dishes I've been given or acquired. 
 I especially didn't like the big mugs and plastic stuff.

And after!  I love the clean look.

What a guy!! 
 Les did so good! 
 I love how he was paying attention to something I had said and acted on it! 
 My kids love using these new dishes too!!!

I'm a sucker for neat clean and beautiful organization!
  Emilee said it looks so good!!
  (I'm rubbing off onto my daughter!) 

 On a side note, here is Em helping me make dinner the other night. 
 She is growing into such a sweet girl.  She loves to help me and make me happy! 
 I'm so blessed to be her mom!!


Pine Tree Home said...

They surprise us sometimes don't they!

Kathy said...

How Cool!! In theory I trust my husband's taste but I would have been afraid too ;)

Your cupbaords were so neat and tidy in the before! LOVE how they look with the new dishes!!

Celeste B. said...

Nice! I have all white Corning-ware dishes just because I'm plain. LOL! So many have been broken, especially the small plates.

Emilee is so big!

Ru said...

He seems like a very thoughtful guy.

Emma said...

That is an awesome deal. I know I am weird but I actually like seeing the inside of your cupboard. I like how you have lots of shelves and the glasses aren't stacked. We invested in a 12 setting for white Corelle and I love them.