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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Medicine Cabinet Part Three - The Finished Product!

So we are finally done with the Medicine Cabinet!!

We installed the doors and they were actually easier than I thought they would be. 
We had to scrape and sand them a little to fit and not rub.  But they are lovely.

Next we worked on the trim for the top. I found most of the pieces at the Restore. It cost me $5 dollars for a board and trim, that would have cost me about $45 retail. 
Below is our rough lay out of our plan just to see if we liked what was in my head.

Here it is built!  Looking good.

And painted and ready to install.

Installed and waiting for the light fixture. 
About now I was so freaking stoked!!!  
My vision was becoming real!!!! 
Does any one else get so excited as the plan in their head starts to come together.

Here she is with the light installed!

For the shelves inside we bought two small sheets of plexi glass and had them cut to size at Lowe's before we left the store.

 I can have as many shelves as I want to buy and can put them close for small objects. 
Love it!!!

Last of all are the catches we ordered. 
I knew what I wanted but had a hard time finding them. 
Finally I found them at Home Depot, but had to order them online. 
No shipping they just display them but don't stock them. 
They were a little more than "I" usually pay, but I just love them.  They were $6.97 each but I only needed three. (Home depot calls them Matchbox Catches.  Other places called them Pantry Latches.)

Don't ya just love them? 

So here she is the finished product!!! 
I'm in love. 
It turned out just like I had in my brain. 
I'm so lucky to have such a good husband who just makes my ideas reality!! 
Thanks Les!! 

Now let's just look at her.

  I can't wait to finish the whole room.  Next we are finishing the tub and window area. 
 Show ya more later. 
I'd love to hear what you think? 
Leave a comment, I need the encouragement !!


Hawk-er-Roos said...

I love it!!! It looks great...Good job to you and Les. I agree the latches are touch in needed! Can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I wonder if I can do that to my bathroom...most likely not since they are tiny...BUT WAY TO GO!!!! Looks Amazing!

Mallerie Kristine said...

It looks awesome :)

Megan B said...

this is awesome! We don't have much storage in our bathroom either and I showed this to my husband...hoping we can do a similar project in the near future...thanks for all the tips and it turned out beautifully!

Chris said...

I keep going back to all the pictures. I just love the transformation of it! Great job!

Colette said...

looks great, keep up the good work. I'm amazed at how cheap you can find things. I love it.

Stephanie said...

I just found your blog and I am hooked. This is my dream bathroom! I love everything that you did in there. Do you have tutorials for the medicine cabinets and the vanity? They are fabulous!

Susan said...

Just forwarded the step by step on the cabinets to my handy hubby. Love the bathroom. Quick question, are those 8 foot ceilings or 9 foot?


Unknown said...

My goodness I love your medicine cabinet. I've been searching and searching for something like it. Any chance you could duplicate for a fee? It's absolutely beautiful.

Unknown said...

Did you build this between the studs or just open the whole space? My bathroom is getting ready to be framed and I want to make sure the stud openings are right where I need them. This is absolutely perfect to keep the look of my 1925 house. You did an awesome job!

Unknown said...

What are the dimensions of the cabinet? Did you build this between the studs or just open the whole space? This is one of the best medicine cabinets I have seen....