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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nana's Day - Shedding some light!

Say Hi! to Eric Willardson our new handy man helper for Nana's house. 
 He is doing an awesome job, very detail oriented. 
 I like his work. 
So what did he do for us?

He took out the window in the picture below and put in the window two pictures below.  This might seem weird to replace a window with same width window,  just a taller window. 
 But adding 20 inches of window made all the difference in the light and views in the room. 
  Nana loves it.



                                       Here is the outside view.  Pretty awesome!!!

Now that the window we are working on a new door opening.


Les said...

Your mom must appreciate you so much. I only know of one other person in the world willing to give up an entire day, every week, to help their mom and that's your sister.

Nana said...

I do love my window. It makes the house so light and wonderful. I do love my girls who spend the day with me. I love cherish that time and especially the memories we are building together.