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Friday, November 19, 2010

One Wild Working Weekend!!

Recently Les took a couple of days off so we could work on the bathroom. 
We spent three days working like crazy. 
After working hard all morning my neighbor Shelly dropped by to see our progress.  
"This is it," we said showing her the piece of wood below. 
 "What's this a hat? This is all you have done?" 
 Thanks Shelley!!!

 Really this is what we spent the morning making. 
 If you also think it's a hat, let me enlighten you.
  It is our template for our window sill. 
We wanted to make sure it fit around the inside corners of the window nicely,
 sooo we made this template and then traced it onto the wood we used for the sill.

Then we used this expensive rounding tool, to help us make nice rounded corners. 
 (No one wants to bump into a sharp corner getting in or out of the tub.)

Once we finished the sill and started to install it,
we found the current drywall window sill was way out of square. 
 It also tilted back to the window, which created a small pool of water in the corners. 
 So to correct these issues we had to rip out the drywall. 
 (It's always something.)

The drywall and corner bead came out pretty easy, but it made a huge mess!!!

Any whoo, here's a sneak peak at the trim we are installing. 
Wait till you see it painted!! 
 It's soooooo lovely!!

Ozzie was still wearing this cone to keep him from scratching. 
We worked alot on trimming out the window above the tub, so we stood in the tub alot. 
Ozzie felt he had to be in the tub with us, but Les and I took up most the room.  Every time he would jump in his poor cone would hit our leg and send him bouncing around. 
 Poor, poor dog!!!

We spent alot of time on templates these few days. 
We made a paper template to help us cut the perfect piece of bead board.

Worked pretty good!!

Again we used trim from the Re-store to make a header for the window. 
 Here is a sneak peak but you will have to wait see it in place and all painted. 
This piece took alot of sanding!!!!

The last project of the weekend was ripping out the vinyl and putting down the cement board. 
 Les actually did most of this part by himself,
as I spent most of the day at church with Primary Program practice and a baptism. 
 Your awesome Les!!!
(Don't ya just love the plunger stopping up the toilet hole? 
 If we don't keep it there, we get some not so lovely smells.)

I can't wait to show you the finished bathroom. 
 Just the floor, a little more trim, and the vanity cabinet!!!!! 
I'm so in love with this bathroom it so far!!!


House of Smiths said...

Whew! I love all the hard work! I can't wait to see the FLOOR! :)
You guys are SO talented, it makes me sick! That's why I made fun of your "hat". :)

Celeste B. said...

We are not talented enough to do all that...of course we might be if we had the time and money...and our own house to work on. LOL!

Your poor dog look so sad with the cone. I'm always kicking our dog because she curls up under the desk by the computer to get warm and I don't know she is there. Oops!

evelania said...

This looks like it's going to be great. Can't wait to see the finished product. I hope you take and show us tons of pictures.