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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions

It's almost Christmas!! 
My kids are so excited. 
 I thought it would be fun to share some of our family
 First off here is our mantel this year. 
 (I love having a mantel to hang our stockings from.)

These stockings have a great story behind them. 
 I grew with red felt stockings.  My sister and I had our names on them, and my mom and dad had boot shaped stockings.  My mothers was shaped like a Victorian boot that said MOM. 
 I could hardly wait to grow up and get a MOM boot stocking. 
So after I got married my mom made us some felt boot stockings.  I was excited I had finally made it to "MOM" boot status. 
Only problem was my husband didn't want to use those stockings!  
He wanted to use his stocking he had grown up with.  His mother had made his red furry stocking with his name and little cute things on it.  In fact his mom made me one with my name.  So every year we had to try and get the other to use our stockings.  One year Les found out his mother did not make his stocking when he was little and said why don't you make us new stockings that are just our family style. 

This is what I came up with. 
 I found some velvet in the discount bin of a small fabric store. 
 I made gold cording out of some gold material I had.  And then I found small pictures and made them into appliques from scraps of fabric I had. 
 I about killed myself sewing on the small gold braid to form there names. 
But I did succeed! 
We have had them for around 11 years now. 
My kids asked the other day if I will make their families some when they get married! 
 I told them we will see!!!

When we were first married we had one Christmas tree. 
Our family tree, but we promised we would get our pretty tree some day. 
And we did about 10 years ago. 
 This is the tree Mom decorates
(with a little help from kids who are very careful.) 
 It's all decorated in gold, silver and creamy whites with a Snow flake theme.

These iridescent snowflakes are some of my favorites. 
 I think we got them at the $1 store years ago.

These icicles are also from the $1 Store. 
The iridescent paint really makes the tree sparkle.

These are some gold touched snowflakes.

This next ordainment is a one of a kind. 
 But I feel it's the most important on the tree. 
 My sister-in-law Celeste gave it to us one year. 
It fits this tree and represents the whole reason for the season. 
It's a glass bulb with Christ inside.

Since we have been here in Utah we have wanted to to up grade to a taller tree,
 since we have a vaulted ceiling. 
So this year we finally did it. 
A ten foot tree. 
(We are very much tree people,
after we got it up we realized we could have gone 12 foot! 
Oh well.)

Here she is in all her glory.

So on to the family tree. 
Right now that is down stairs in the unfinished basement. 
As you can see in the photo below. 
The kids decorate this tree all on their own. 

It's filled with ordainments that the kids have made through out the years or we have collected. 
You know all those ones that bring back memories. 
 I especially love the one's the kids do at school with there pictures on them. 
They are so fun to look back on and see how they have grown.

Two years we made our own family bulbs. 
 Each kid got to put in what they wanted.  Of course my boys had to draw something.  I think Austin did this one when he was little. 
They love finding the one they made each year and putting it on the tree.

The kids and I love this advent calendar. 
It's a great family tradition. 
It's a chimney.

The kids take turns pulling out the numbered bricks and Santa slowly drops down the chimney. 
 The numbered bricks tell ya how many days left to Christmas. 
So fun!!!

This next tradition is only two years old in our house. 
 I got it from my sister. 
Each kid has their own 12 days before Christmas candy advent calendar.

They are simple felt strips with a fabric top. 
(I just used what I had but you could use all kinds of cute fabric.) 
You sew 12 ribbon straps down the middle and your done! 
Add 12 pieces of small candy each year and the kids love it. 

We have a rule, 
 you can eat one piece of candy any time you wish each day,
 if you eat someone's candy you have to give them all the rest of yours
They all do pretty good, most eat it first thing in the morning. 

These snow man are some of my favorite decorations. 
Because they are so cute, but mostly because Austin and Jaysen made them in second grade. 
They each had the same teacher and made them out of a tube sock stuffed with rice, old buttons, black foam hat brim, and a scrap of fabric.
I love putting them out each year.

These are blocks I made from left over wood. 
When we put and addition on our house in Arizona, I asked Les to cut some leftover scraps of wood into a few blocks. 
 I made blocks for almost every holiday and I still think I have some blocks left!!!

One of our last traditions is this nativity scene. 
Years ago I wanted a nativity that the kids could play with. 
So I made this one out of scraps of wood. 
 I found the stable at DI a couple of years ago for $1. 
The kids love to play with it. 
Mary especially is getting worn around the edges.

This year Branden was helping me get out the Christmas decorations. 
He kept pulling things out of the bottom of full tubs making a big mess. 
So I found the nativity box an suggested he put it up, to keep him busy. 
A few minutes latter I found him carefully setting them up like this. 
 I said, "Branden why are you putting every one like that?
All we can see is there backs."

"Mom they are all looking at the baby Jesus," Branden replied.

Jesus was in the very back.
Kids have such great insight. 
He knew exactly what was important and should be the center. 
Got to love those kids!

Last of all we love to go to Christmas parties. 
Here is my mom, me and Les at our ward Christmas party. 
 (Yes my eyes are closed that's always my problem)

All the little kids got to sit on Santa's lap. 
 (Look closely at Santa)

I even sat on Santa's lap, I seem to know this Santa really well!!! 
 (Our last tradition we have had for about four years, is kind of a secret tradition.) 
Ever since I made this Santa suit Les has played Santa each year. 
I get to help and we have such fun making children smile. 
We love to find out info from the kids parents about the kids,
and have Santa bring them up while they are on his lap. 
Their eyes get so big and they all vow to be good. 
My favorite this year was one little 4 year old. 
 When Santa asked if he had been good this year he stated,
" No, (long sad pause)  but one day I was good all day!" 

I hope your Christmas is great and filled with love and the spirit of our Savior.


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The Mac's House said...

Wow, I love the Nativity Scene, so impressed that you made it. We have a 2.5 year old in the house that wanted so badly to play with ours this Christmas. She received one of her own but unfortunately still not child friendly (porcelain, from her great-grandmother), it was sweet gesture and she loves it but I'm afraid she will break it. Did you have a pattern for all the people or just came up with it all on your own?