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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Twin

All my life people often tell me I look just like someone they know.
 (Does this happen to every one or do I just have that kind of face?)
 I'm really quite used to it. 
 In college there was a girl with my same first and last name, she and I were always getting phone calls for each other.  We didn't really get what was going on until we both tried out to be dancers for a show and they called out our name and we both stepped forward. 

 But I have really got to get face to face with my look alike this time. 
 Just after we moved to Utah, my brother in-law kept saying this lady could be my sister,
 that she looked just like me. 
So when she would show up I would try to look at her, but not look like I was looking at her. 
(You know what I mean) 
She probably thought I was stalker like.  
 She lives in the same town as me, our kids go to some of the same schools and activities.  I see her at basketball games, choir performances and more. 
So one time I just went up and said "Hi",
and then told her why I was always staring at her.  
(Luckily she didn't think I was weird!)
She laughed and we talked for a few.

So we talk and say hi now. 
We introduce each other by saying "Do you know my twin?" 
 (which was really funny when Nicki said that to her mother.)
 We love to exchange stories about people confusing us. 
 Like how people often think she is Austin's mom,
or start asking her if she is related to the Bryce's (my sister). 
 She often says, "Oh, you must be thinking of  the Batchelor's." 
 But my favorite story is when my son Austin was performing in the musical
 and saw (he thought) his mother in the audience,
and she was all cuddled up to some guy that wasn't his Dad!!! 
"What the heck!!"
 he thought as he started to get upset. 
 But it was only momentary,
when he realized it was not me but my look a like, Niki. 

Any whoo, I think our noses are the same and our skin tones,
but she is much prettier. 
You be the judge. 
Do you think we look alike?


Emma said...

You two definatley look like sisters, yet not identical when next to each other. That is so funny you have a "twin" living so close to you.

Celeste B. said...

I don't think it is that close of a resemblance. Maybe from a distance...

My only twin is my mom. People thought we were sisters when I was growing up. Now, I have the grey hair to match hers. LOL!

Bartonsark said...

I have seen you both in person and I do think you look alot alike. but it doesn't show it so much in this picture.